Casa Luna at 46304 Pfeiffer Ridge Rd Big Sur CA 93920 (2022)

46304 Pfeiffer Ridge Rd Big Sur CA 93920

Casa Luna at 46304 Pfeiffer Ridge Rd Big Sur CA 93920: Casa Luna is a contemporary organic-styled residence designed by Mickey Muennig, located on Pfeiffer Ridge. It features three levels of indoor-outdoor living and mountain and ocean views. It is also surrounded by gardens and terraces. The MLS listing can be accessed through Compass.

Casa Luna

This upscale, Mediterranean-style home is situated on five acres in the gated community of Pfeiffer Ridge in Big Sur. The residence is designed with three levels, passive solar heating, and views that capture the ocean and mountains. Inside, a spacious kitchen opens onto a covered deck for dining or entertaining. The expansive living room and dining area capture the views of the cliffs and ocean coastline. Lush gardens surround the residence.

The property is located in a pristine area with a peaceful and serene environment. Its location makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers or artists. It is also close to many attractions and activities in Big Sur. The home has three bedrooms and three baths. It also offers a detached guesthouse.

Emile Norman’s home

Emile Norman’s home at 46304Pfeiffer Ridge Road in Big Sur is an artist’s haven. Born in San Gabriel, California, Emile was an artist and designer of sculptures, mosaics, and jewelry. He had a gallery in Carmel that showcased his work. Today, his former residence is a private art collection that will soon become a permanent exhibit at the Monterey History and Art Association. In the coming months, Emile Norman’s home will also host a luncheon that will celebrate his work and honor the memory of the late artist.

In addition to the historic home, the estate’s grounds are home to the Crow’s Nest, a structure built in the 1920s from locally milled redwood. The home’s interior features a 24-karat gold cooktop and rose-gold tiles from the Masonic Temple. The living room also features an organ that was given to Brooks on his 50th birthday. The house also boasts a spa that was once a greenhouse and features four faces that shoot water into a redwood-clad tub.

Located at the top of Pfeiffer Ridge, the Pfeiffer Ridge property overlooks the Ventana Wilderness. The home is situated in the Emile Norman Nature Subdivision, a 175-acre scenic reserve. The reserve is maintained by the Emile Norman Art Foundation and is surrounded by hiking trails and art installations by Emile Norman. The home is conveniently located near the many attractions in Big Sur.

Mickey Muennig’s home

Built on 23 acres above Pfeiffer Beach, Mickey Muennig’s home at 46204 Pfeiffer Ridge Rd Big Surf CA 93920 is a unique example of organic architecture. The architect’s style, which is influenced by the coastal landscape, features elliptical forms, floor-to-ceiling glass, and indigenous redwood beams. The architecture is organic and harmonious, melding seamlessly into the landscape.

Located 50 yards from the famous Glass House, Mickey Muennig’s home features a Mediterranean-style design. The house is comprised of three levels and utilizes passive solar heating. This means that heated air rises in the winter, and cooler air descends the stairway during the summer. The house’s open floor plan features a soaring skylight that crowns an indoor garden. There’s also an inviting kitchen that’s connected to the living room, which has an adjacent office and fireplace. The house is surrounded by lush gardens and has two courtyards.

Located at the summit of Clear Ridge, the Muennig house offers panoramic views of the area. The home’s heated polished concrete floor and massive glass walls allow the interior to flow into the outdoors, bringing the outdoors inside. The home also features an earth roof that blends into the landscape.

This organic Big Sur home is unique. It has three levels of living space, each with ocean and mountain views. Each level also has a garden and patio. It’s the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor living, a peaceful setting where time moves at a leisurely pace.

There is a 2-car garage and plenty of storage space. It’s conveniently located near The Plant shopping center and freeways 280/85. In addition, the home is close to the freeways 87/280/85.

Mickey Muennig’s organic architecture

In the 1970s, Mickey Muennig, a pioneer of organic architecture in California, designed several homes in Big Sur. Known as “the man who built Big Sur,” he created stunning organic structures that blend into the landscape. Today, one of his homes is for sale.

Muennig’s organic architecture, a combination of traditional and modern techniques, was inspired by the natural environment surrounding the home. He built the home, a small one-room structure, on a rocky ridge, partially facing the sea. Inside, he installed a moon-shaped door inspired by Chinese temples. Visitors entered through a waterfall within the moon-shaped door. The home’s living and bedroom were filled with lush vegetation and vines. A dining table remained inside, but was eventually swallowed by overgrowth.

Besides creating homes for his clients, Muennig also designed the Post Ranch Inn, a thirty-room hotel and freestanding units. Tree houses on stilts, hobbit-like rooms with sod and wildflowers, and other interesting structures are featured at the Post Ranch Inn. The Post Ranch Inn was Muennig’s largest project to date. This eco-friendly house is a self-sufficient, sustainable retreat that will allow you to take advantage of the natural surroundings.

Muennig began building his primary residence in 1985. It is situated just 50 yards away from the Glass House. The house is a stunning organic structure, blending into the natural environment with expansive sky lights and radiant heat. The main living area features a fireplace, an open kitchen with an elliptical countertop, and a nook next to the indoor garden. There is also an office and a bedroom.

The house also features a three-car garage and multi-function room that could be used as a car gallery, gym, office, or art studio. The home’s site was prepped for solar power and includes fifteen thousand gallons of private water storage. Outside, lush gardens surround the house and a yoga deck takes full advantage of the breathtaking views.

Casa Luna is a home with extraordinary views of the mountains and the sea. It is accessible through a private gated road, and sits on 10 acres. The organic architecture reflects the raw nature of the Big Sur landscape. The house is built with redwood beams, circular windows, and burnished concrete floors. The property is currently on the market for $4895,000.

Buildable Plan: Residence 67C 181 Fremont San Francisco CA 94105

Buildable plan Residence 67C  181 Fremont San Francisco CA 94105

Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, 181 Fremont is 800 feet tall and features 55 ultra-luxury residences with 6,500 square feet of residential amenities. The building is also equipped with Class A+ commercial space and offers spectacular panoramic views. Inside, internationally acclaimed Orlando Diaz-Azcuy Design Associates have created interiors that are sure to impress. Residents will also be close to major employers and have easy access to major transit systems in the city.

REDi design reduces repair costs

The 181 Fremont building is designed with a fire containment system to limit the spread of fire. The system, developed by Owens Corning subsidiary Thermafiber, is able to provide two hours of fire containment protection. Its design also helps keep fire within the room where it started. Its void between the exterior curtain wall assembly and rated floor assembly keeps the fire from spreading.

The building has been designed to be earthquake-resistant and safe. It is one of the tallest residential buildings in San Francisco, and has been recognized as one of the world’s safest and most resilient buildings. It is also Platinum LEED Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Residents will find this building the epitome of refined San Francisco living.

The new 181 Fremont building will house both office and residential spaces. It is located in a district in San Francisco’s East Cut neighborhood. Nearby is the Salesforce Transit Center. SKS sold the property to a local developer, Jay Paul Co., for $71.5 million. The developer partnered with Level 10 Construction and Arup as a geotechnical engineer to ensure the development site was earthquake-safe.

REDi also incorporated the use of innovative structural features. For example, the 181 Fremont building features eight steel mega-braces that form an exoskeleton-like structure. These are designed to reduce the building’s risk of earthquake damage, while also reducing the wind load. This design allows for the building to have a 7,000 square foot penthouse floor, which sold for $42 million.

Reducing downtime after an earthquake

Most studies of downtime following an earthquake report average or median downtime estimates, which ignore the high uncertainty in downtime predictions and the importance of incorporating intermediate milestones into recovery planning. By assessing the probabilities of recovery in advance, building owners, engineers, and policymakers can optimize recovery time and minimize the overall impact on the business. This article describes the methodology and benefits of probabilistic performance measures. It also discusses the challenges of evaluating recovery time after a major earthquake.

The proposed framework takes into account five distinct recovery states that represent milestones in the overall recovery trajectory. It also introduces the concept of repair classes, which classifies components according to their deterioration or damage. This helps in estimating the downtime from a building’s initial recovery state to full recovery.

The proposed framework builds on previous studies, providing an analytical framework for modeling business recovery time after a major earthquake. It accounts for multiple types of downtime, as well as the downtime caused by non-physical events. As a result, the recovery time calculated according to the framework is more consistent with observed recovery times. Furthermore, the model considers different mitigation tactics, such as resource conservation, to mitigate business downtime.

Businesses can use a variety of methods to communicate updates with employees, customers, and vendors. One option is to use a company website or social media pages. These platforms can be updated as necessary. Businesses can also send text messages to employees or vendors if they need to. To minimize business interruption and minimize the cost of loss of revenue, companies should make a point of preserving internal and external lines of communication.

Decorative hallway sconces

When it comes to decorating your hallway, decorative hallway sconces are an excellent choice. These light fixtures not only add decorative elements to your hallway, but they can also serve as additional lighting sources. recommends using wall sconces that are large enough to stand on their own. The larger they are, the more surface area they cover and the more dramatic they’ll look against the walls. For added impact, look for extra-large sconces in geometric shapes or multiple finishes.

Decorative hallway sconces are the perfect lighting solution for narrow, dimly-lit hallways. Instead of using overhead lights, they provide subtle illumination. Decorative hallway sconces will brighten up even the darkest hallways and make dark spaces appear more inviting. In addition, they can be used as accent lighting for a collection of artwork.

Decorative hallway sconces come in a variety of styles and prices. They can be inexpensive or high-end. They are also available in plug-in styles. They can be evenly spaced throughout the hallway. The plug-in style is a convenient option for sconces that are far from the walls.

Decorative hallway sconces can be placed next to artwork or mirrors to create a stunning centerpiece. If your hallway is too short for a single sconce, you can place two sconces on either side of a small console table to hold candles or potpourri. Wall sconces are also an excellent choice for hallways that are too narrow for a single fixture.

Viscous dampers

One of the most iconic San Francisco buildings, 181 Fremont, is home to the penthouse at the highest floor, which is currently on the market for $42 million. Designed to withstand an earthquake with minimal damage, this penthouse includes innovative structural detail, including a viscous damper system that exceeds earthquake-performance objectives set forth in the California Code. This means that even after a major earthquake, the penthouse at 181 Fremont can be occupied immediately and without any need for additional seismic monitoring or analysis.

Built by world-class architects, engineers, and artisans, 181 Fremont is a distinctive building. Each of its 55 residences offers a unique floor plan and a breathtaking view of the bay. No more than four residences are built on each floor, ensuring that each residence is completely unique.

The building’s seismic safety is enhanced by the installation of 32 viscous dampers in its structural system. The dampers allow the building to sway safely during an earthquake and heavy winds. The dampers are encased in three parallel steel beams, with the middle one being functionally rigid and the outer beams containing built-in dampers. The dampers were manufactured by Taylor Devices, a company that produces piston-like dampers that allow for a 6-inch expansion.

The 181 Fremont building also uses fire containment systems that minimize the chances of a fire spreading throughout the building. The fire containment system was developed by Owens Corning subsidiary Thermafiber. The fire-retarding system at 181 Fremont is capable of providing two hours of fire containment. The fire containment system works by keeping the fire in the room of origin, and ensuring that fire does not spread throughout the building.

Facebook’s choice of 181 Fremont

The upscale 181 Fremont is a stunning, 800-foot high skyscraper that offers a unique living experience. It’s home to 55 ultra-luxury residences, each with 6,500 square feet of residential amenities. Located on 435,000 square feet of Class A+ commercial space, these residences have stunning panoramic views and interiors designed by internationally-renowned Orlando Diaz-Azcuy Design Associates. Located in the heart of the downtown San Francisco, the 181 Fremont is close to the Transbay Transit Center, major employers, and public transportation.

Facebook’s selection of Residence 67C 181 Fremont was based on several factors. It has an observation terrace on the 52nd floor, and direct access to the Transbay Transit Center. This $2.3 billion transportation hub is set to connect eleven different transportation systems in the Bay Area. The first phase of construction is expected to be finished by this year, although its opening date is not yet known.

Facebook’s new San Francisco office space will be located on the upper floors of the new skyscraper. This tower is expected to reach seventy stories and will house 2,000-3,000 employees. It will be the first San Francisco outpost for the social media company, which presently shuttles its employees to the company’s Menlo Park headquarters. The commute can take up to two hours in traffic.

The 181 Fremont building is a landmark of innovation and imagination. This mixed-use building is one of the tallest and most resilient residential buildings in the West. With its Platinum LEED certification, 181 Fremont represents the height of San Francisco living.

1855 California St in San Francisco, CA 94109

1855 California St San Francisco  CA 94109

The address 1855 California St is located in San Francisco, CA 94109. It is in the County of San Francisco, CA. It is also part of the 94109 ZIP code. Read on to learn more about this property. Its Walk Score, Price, Floorplans, and Amenities are listed below.

Walk Score

1855 California St is an attractive and well-maintained seven-unit apartment building located in Pacific Heights. This building has a garage on the ground floor and offers residents a great location. The units are in good shape and feature hardwood floors, crown molding, and plenty of original details. Some units have recently been updated with new kitchens, and the complex features a south-facing yard with a mature garden.

This Pacific Heights property features a Walk Score of 98, making it a walker’s paradise. Nearby parks include Helen Wills Playground, Lafayette Square, and the Webster Street Historic District. There are also many transportation options in the area, including buses, bike shares, and public transportation.


If you are interested in renting an apartment in San Francisco, CA, 1855 California St is a great option. The complex is located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood. You can choose to rent a 3 bed, 2 bath unit for as little as $5,995 per month.

The 1855 California St Apartments are located close to numerous nearby amenities, including public transportation. The building is also located near 1350 Van Ness and 1000 Polk. It is also within close proximity to San Francisco International Airport and the Oakland International Airport. This means that you can get around easily without having to worry about parking.


If you’re looking for a rental property in San Francisco, California, look no further than 1855 California St. This seven-unit building is located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood and offers well-maintained units with original details and hardwood floors. Most units also include crown molding and updated kitchens, and look out on a mature garden in a south-facing backyard.

This community features available apartment units, a pet policy, and laundry facilities. In addition to providing pet-friendly accommodations, this complex is located within the San Francisco Unified School District. If you’re interested in renting an apartment at 1855 California St, browse the floorplans online and contact the leasing office for more details.


The Amenities at 1855 California St are located in San Francisco, CA and provide residents with all the amenities that they could ask for. Located in the Pacific Heights neighborhood, this three-story building features seven well-maintained units with hardwood floors, crown molding, and original details. Some units come with newly renovated kitchens. Each unit also overlooks a mature garden in the south-facing yard.

The area around the 1855 California St Apartments is located within walking distance of many local amenities. You can find many public transportation stops near the property. Located on the edge of Nob Hill, this property is one block away from Ghirardelli Square. The building features studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom units.

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