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Recent leaks reveal information regarding Russia and Ukraine’s conflict, but what really stands out here is why an individual named Jack Teixeira had access to such classified material in the first place.

Iggy Azalea joined the platform earlier this month and charges $25 monthly for exclusive content from her Hotter Than Hell project, including photos, visual artist collaborations, videos and merchandise that is both aesthetically pleasing and unapologetically hot!

Sex Tape

Iggy Azalea announced on Friday that she’s teaming up with producers, visual artists, and fashion photographers to launch the Hotter Than Hell x OnlyFans project on OnlyFans subscription-based site – it promises “tongue-in-cheek fun and unapologetically hot content”, as evidenced in her steamy trailer.

As the rapper struts her stuff in black bra and cut-out panties, her male model counterpart assists in taking off her clothes and the two are seen engaging in various sexual positions ranging from kissing to grinding and stroking each other’s faces. Additionally, during a preview clip you can spot someone signing into OnlyFans to watch and message her directly; another nod towards OnlyFans’ adult clientele.

Fancy singer Jazmine Haynes released her video as part of her project and says more will follow later this year and beyond, including photo books and short films to be completed by 2023. Notably, Jazmine wasn’t the only user uploading nude content onto a platform originally intended for sexual workers to share photos and videos with clients – other high-profile users include Love Island stars Megan Barton-Hanson and Lottie Moss are notable users on there too!

Some stars see it as an opportunity to monetize their bodies, particularly for those without the financial means to produce their own content, while for others it simply extends their personal brand.

No matter if it is done as part of a business strategy or just to stay relevant, creating explicit content on OnlyFans carries risks; and especially so if it leaks outside.

Entertainers face the risk of career-ending embarrassment from having their sexual conduct broadcast online, which is why it’s critical they be prepared with tools to safeguard their privacy online. Click through and learn how to stay secure against potential leaks of sensitive sexual content.


Azalea rose to prominence when her single “Fancy” hit number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart – making history by becoming the first female rapper ever to do so – followed by her debut album The New Classic which debuted at number three and earned four Grammy nominations.

Iggy Azalea (real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly), began rapping as early as her teens and posted videos of her freestyle routines to YouTube for viewing by anyone interested. Soon enough, her viral music videos gained prominence, with Iggy becoming even more well-known after moving to America and working as both a model and cleaning hotel rooms and holiday houses in order to fund her rap career.

Azalea began her music career by releasing mixtapes and singles that proved moderately successful, becoming a fixture on the hip hop scene, appearing in music videos, earning cover spots in XXL magazine’s Freshman issue, and earning some notable collaborations such as Drake and Rihanna.

She made her television acting debut in the ABC drama “Freakish”, followed by a guest spot in American sitcom “Black-ish”.

Azalea launched her production company, Azalea Street Productions, and signed an exclusive content creation contract with NBC Universal for creating content. On April 29th 2017, her reality series Iggy Azalea’s Fancy House premiered.

The series follows Australian rapper and designer Amanda Plumb as she lives in a luxurious apartment with her best friends in Los Angeles while they pursue fashion and entrepreneurship goals together.

At the start of her series, Iggy can be seen making her way around town by visiting restaurants and shopping at local malls before hosting a party for close friends at her place. Additionally, notable industry peers including TikToker Breckie Hill made guest appearances throughout its duration; moreover a leaked shower video of Breckie was recently uploaded online that has caused controversy; many believe her former flame leaked it.


Iggy Azalea was recently compromised by hackers and nude photos have surfaced online of her without her consent. Although Iggy has denied their authenticity, many believe they may be outtakes from GQ Australia photoshoot she did some years back – this incident allegedly costing millions in lost revenue to Iggy.

Azalea responded to the leaked nude photos by issuing a statement, declaring her feelings “embarrassed and violated.” As soon as they came out, she deleted both Instagram and Twitter accounts from both social networks.

But just a few days later, she took to Instagram again, this time to unveil her latest project. The “Kream” singer debuted the ‘Hotter Than Hell x OnlyFans’ project – an annual multimedia initiative including illustration, poetry, photography, videography and music (including her fourth album! ) at $25 monthly subscription fees for subscribers.

Rapper Jeremih also collaborated with producers, visual artists, and fashion photographers on an exclusive collaborations project dubbed Tongue-in-cheek Fun and Unapologetically Hot (TUFUH). Visual inspiration came from Pamela Anderson from Pamela’s centerfold models to Madonna’s ‘Sex’ book – among many others.

Azalea recently made headlines when she stated her decision not to join OnlyFans, yet now uses it in order to avoid “overwhelming and creatively restricting censorship” found elsewhere online platforms.

Azalea teased her forthcoming project on Friday by posting an intriguing Twitter photo showing off her enormous cleavage wearing green underwear and writing, “Music? Summer. Scandalous S-T?” She later expanded on this tease by providing more details in an update post on Facebook.

The rapper will continue posting content to her ‘Hotter Than Hell X OnlyFans’ page throughout 2019, with this project set to finish up by December 2023. Fans interested in watching more can visit this page, which features teaser trailers and videos featuring her, VIP membership (for just $250!) with one free exclusive photo, or pay higher subscription fees if more explicit photos are desired.


Iggy Azalea has announced her entry into online pornography through her new OnlyFans account. The Australian rapper made her entrance known with an announcement post on social media, promising that her project would be “hotter than hell”. Fans can expect photos, visual artist collabs, videos, merch and any number of visually appealing and sexual content for fans to consume in this project.

Not for the first time has a celebrity entered the realm of explicit online content creation and distribution. Reality star Emily Ratajkowski recently shared an explicit photo via a platform that boasts over 30 million members – something many other celebrities had done prior to Ratajkowski.

Azalea’s new venture will launch sometime later this month. She has shared photos and video clips from it on social media, some featuring topless scenes or twerking while wearing skimpy panties; her fans have responded enthusiastically with support comments and applause emojis.

Australian rapper Amy Shark may come as a shock, given her recent turmoil. In 2015 she parted ways with L.A. Lakers player Nick Young after two years together; 2016 also saw her participate on Australia’s 8th season of X Factor Australia.

Azalea remains committed to making her mark in online pornography despite all its drama. Recently she signed an 8-figure deal with Domain Capital who will buy her music catalog.

This agreement includes 100% of Azalea’s share in hits such as Fancy and Work, releases on her own Bad Dreams record label, as well as over 3.4 billion views of her catalog on YouTube alone. Beyond her music career, she is best-known for her high-profile relationships, Instagram twerking clips and candid admissions of cosmetic surgery procedures.