Iggy Azalea’s OnlyFans Profile

Mixing business with pleasure, rapper Iggy Azalea recently added a sex tape to her OnlyFans profile. This subscription-based platform enables celebrities such as Bella Thorne, Bhad Bhabie, Denise Richards and Carmen Electra to post provocative content online.

This month, Australian singer Meghan Trainor made it official: she’s joining Hotter Than Hell – an ongoing project featuring photography, visual art collaborations, videos and merchandise sales – on YouTube and the platform.

Iggy Azalea’s OnlyFans Page

Iggy Azalea has taken her relationship with fans to a whole new level by joining adult content subscription service OnlyFans. Her debut video on the site shows her lying naked in bed while telling viewers they are “hotter than hell”. Since then, she has shared seductive photos on social media to lure fans into subscribing at $25 per month; additionally she sells more risque pay-per-view content through direct messages at higher costs.

Many of Iggy’s fans have voiced their displeasure with the content on her OnlyFans page, which features sexualized images and videos of the rapper. Some have accused her of hypocrisy for joining this platform when previously she claimed she wouldn’t join it because it harms sex workers who depend on pornography for work. As a response, the Australian rapper has denied that her OnlyFans page contains explicit sexual acts or is selling explicit material from it.

Iggy announced her presence on OnlyFans with an official announcement and promised that her page would feature “photographs, visual art collabs, videos, merchandise, and all sorts of aesthetically pleasing and hot as hell things.” To promote the project she released a cinematic trailer with Iggy wearing lime green underwear while posing in it for promotion purposes. Iggy will collaborate on this venture with fashion photographers, visual artists, collage artist Ian Woods among other collaborators.

One of the more captivating aspects of Iggy’s OnlyFans page is her ability to charge her fans for various services, including insulting and denying sex to subscribers; providing makeovers; or performing stripteases (some requests have even been mentioned on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live! ).

Iggy Akins recently revealed that she has earned over $305,000 in just 24 hours since launching her sexually explicit OnlyFans page, despite criticisms and remains confident it will succeed; so far she has made over $4 Million over four months as one of its key creators.

Iggy Azalea’s Hotter Than Hell Project

Iggy Azalea, 32, has embarked on an ambitious creative endeavor. Partnering with OnlyFans content subscription platform to launch her multimedia project Hotter Than Hell x OnlyFans over one year long period; including photography, poetry and video. Also included are exclusives from Iggy herself which fans can get for a monthly fee of $25 each month.

Australian rapper Kote partnered with producers, visual artists and fashion photographers to produce exclusive collaborations for his project. According to him, this content is “creative, bold, tongue-in-cheek fun and unapologetically hot,” taking cues from Pamela Anderson, 90s supermodels and Madonna’s Sex book for inspiration.

A steamy trailer for Iggy’s project shows her wearing lingerie while filming herself with a camcorder in bed, hinting at an album release later this summer. Additionally, there’s a collage of photos featuring Iggy striking various seductive poses by artist Ian Woods that appears within it.

Although Iggy initially promised not to join an adult content creators platform, she has since changed her mind and is enjoying immense success on it. Since joining, the Fancy singer has made over $370,000 in her first 24 hours on it!

Iggy has become the latest star to create her own page on OnlyFans, an adult entertainment site known for hosting adult performers’ sexy content. OnlyFans has also attracted other celebrities like Cardi B, Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne and Bhad Bhabie.

The rapper will release her photographs, videos and poetry through this platform to be collected into a coffee table book in December 2023. Recently she toured across 85 sold-out shows with Pitbull before gearing up to release her fourth studio album.

Rapper Kehlani is a multi-platinum recording artist, best known for her singles Fancy and Kream which have become top hits. She has collaborated with artists including Charli XCX and Rita Ora. Furthermore, she owns multiple businesses such as Circle K stores, 7-11s and gas stations.

Iggy Azalea’s Sex Tape

Iggy Azalea has faced heavy criticism due to her adult ventures. Some have taken issue with them believing she should instead focus on music rather than creating pornography; but she has not taken it lying down; recently speaking out against misogynist remarks directed towards her as well as making clear she will continue living an unconventional lifestyle indefinitely.

Recent rumors circulating regarding Iggy Azalea surfaced that she has an illicit sex tape for sale to interested buyers. While her camp previously told TMZ there wasn’t any footage, Hefe Wine has confirmed to them it exists and Iggy can be found within. According to Hefe Wine, while she never agreed for it to be shot nor consented at any point before or since, but is “100% fully aware” of what happened on that tape.

Iggy Azalea took to Twitter on Thursday evening in response to claims and allegations about her sexuality, dismissing them outright as false and hypocritical. She lashed out against those criticizing her for posting explicit material while attributing that criticism directly to peers in hip hop who also have done similar acts themselves. Furthermore, Iggy stated that anyone criticizing her release sexy material as hypocrites as they themselves have done similar acts without apology themselves.

Iggy has recently become more engaged in her venture with OnlyFans, posting nude photos and videos of herself in various poses as well as teasers of more explicit content to her fans. After just four months since joining, she has already amassed over $4 Million through charging $25 monthly membership fees to access it and upselling subscribers on additional raunchy content; furthermore she pledged a portion of her earnings to charity; though exactly where this money will go remains unknown but Iggy certainly is not giving up this business anytime soon.

Iggy Azalea’s Lifestyle

Azalea may now live an extravagant lifestyle, but she wasn’t always this fortunate. The Fancy rapper revealed she once lived as a poor child in Australia’s Mullumbimby area with her family. She made ends meet by selling her art. Additionally, she enjoyed riding horses and playing soccer during her childhood years. Recently on Instagram she posted a video showing an envelope addressed to her with her name written on it that belonged to her mother. Iggy Azalea also showed off her stunning new home, purchased with Nick “Swaggy P” Young. To pay for it she earned money through OnlyFans content; an app which allows users to post explicit photos and videos for $25 monthly subscription fee; Iggy has already earned over $4 Million through it in just a few short months!

Australian rapper Iggy Acapella has recently been promoting her OnlyFans content, including her sex tape and photoshoot. Fans have been going wild over these images – one user writing “perfect photo, she looks so hot in that thong and socks,” while another fan commented “Iggy is the definition of sexy!” with a heart emoji attached.

Iggy Azalea will also release a year-long multimedia project called Hotter Than Hell X OnlyFans that features poetry, photography, music videos and videos from poets such as David Bowie. She promises fans this project will be “unapologetically hot,” giving subscribers to Iggy’s OnlyFans profile first access to content released during its year long lifespan – culminating with its completion with the publication of a coffee table book in December.

Some fans have criticised Iggy Azalea’s project and accuse her of cultural appropriation, using an aesthetic from cultures half a world away. Furthermore, she’s been accused of borrowing vocal techniques from urban American female vocal styles known as the “blaccent.” Yet Iggy remains unapologetic for her work and remains committed to it.