Ted Lasso is an award-winning, feel-good comedy that aired on Apple TV+.

สร้างแล้ว Ted Lasso ซีซัน 2 ทั้งหมด 10 ตอน ซีรีส์คอมเมดี้สุดฮิตจาก Apple
สร้างแล้ว Ted Lasso ซีซัน 2 ทั้งหมด 10 ตอน ซีรีส์คอมเมดี้สุดฮิตจาก Apple

Is There a Season 2 of Ted Lasso? Season one followed Ted as he sought to win over both his teammates and Rebecca, the team owner, with his optimistic outlook. It quickly gained popularity among viewers and critics alike.

What is Ted Lasso?

AFC Richmond, a fictional English Premier League soccer team, hires American college football coach Ted Lasso as their head coach. Ted’s positive outlook proves successful despite his lack of experience to win over Rebecca Welton both as owner and operator, as well as all of the players on the squad.

Season 2 of the show continues to emphasize how a person’s attitude shapes their environment and ability to engage others constructively. In contrast to its lighter-hearted predecessor, season 2 takes on a more serious tone as it examines how each character is dealing with personal struggles.

As the season progresses, Ted struggles with panic attacks that require therapy. At first he keeps his problems private but eventually confesses them to his fellow coaches and Doctor Sharon Fieldstone, the on-site psychologist. Unfortunately, these episodes begin to have a detrimental effect on him – they become the subject of much judgment and shame from people about his mental state of mind.

With the help of his friends, Ted is able to overcome these challenges and manage them better. He even assists egotistical striker Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) and quick-to-anger veteran Roy Kent (the not-CGI Brett Goldstein) in improving their relationships. Furthermore, Ted helps them cope with his own anxiety which stems from a childhood trauma when he suffered a mental breakdown at 16 years old.

Ted’s positive outlook and upbeat nature have been the driving forces behind AFC Richmond’s players throughout the season. Ultimately, Ted was able to lead his team through their final match and secure victory.

Ted may have a cheerful disposition, but his unwavering optimism and kind heart may not always be enough to conquer the challenges of coaching a team of professionals. But his willingness to listen intently, along with his dedication to creating an encouraging atmosphere for his staff members, help make Ted the best coach possible.

Will there be a season 2?

Ted Lasso made his NBC debut in a series of ads for their coverage of the Premier League. It quickly became a sensation and helped introduce streaming service to an entirely new audience. Plus, it was the first feel-good comedy to launch on Apple TV Plus and earned 20 Emmy nominations.

The show follows Ted, a midwestern college football coach who takes up a job as British soccer coach for AFC Richmond. Throughout its first season, viewers experienced Ted’s gentle sense of whimsy and kindness as a coach and how it affects his players, teammates, and staff members.

Season two, however, puts Ted’s positive outlook to the test as he struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. At first, Ted keeps this to himself but eventually it leaks into the media and becomes a topic of discussion about mental health in sports.

He meets onsite psychologist Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles), and she helps him work through his feelings and get to the root of his panic attacks. She advises him that he needs to find happiness again and focus on his love life – an important message the show strives to convey.

As the season progresses, Rebecca’s relationship with her ex-husband (Anthony Head) continues to deteriorate, Roy struggles to adjust to life away from the first team, and Ted deals with his own divorce struggles and dealing with toxic masculinity issues along with distance from his family.

Ted Lasso’s Ted Lasso series is captivating in its exploration of toxic masculinity. Jason Sudeikis himself is passionate about this issue, which the show delves into deeply.

The show confronts toxic masculinity head-on in a genuine and non-cynical way. Indeed, its core philosophy is inspired by legendary basketball coach John Wooden himself – something which resonates strongly throughout its runtime.

Jason Sudeikis expressed his concern in an email to Uproxx entertainment writer Mike Ryan that there wasn’t more of a conversation in sports about mental health and its effects. He wanted the series to showcase someone who isn’t afraid to express himself emotionally and encourage other men to do the same.

What can I expect from season 2?

Ted Lasso was an unexpected success for Apple TV+, earning a record number of Emmy nominations. Its relatable premise saw an overmatched coach leading his dreamy team in an underdog sports comedy. Fans praised the series’ comforting tone and Jason Sudeikis’ mustached, jovial protagonist.

Ted Lasso wasn’t just a feel-good show: it also delves deep into the intricacies of professional football. It was a comedy with plenty of cynicism, yet it also managed to shine a light on some of its darker aspects.

Season 2 of the show delves further into Ted’s mental health, as he struggles with panic attacks and unresolved trauma from his youth. At first, Ted resists therapy – even storming out twice of Dr. Sharon Fieldstone’s office – but she eventually accepts him into her care and helps him comprehend how this past trauma has shaped his life and helps him process its impact on him.

When it comes to more serious matters, the cast is up for the challenge as their characters are given room to grow and develop in this second season, many episodes going deeper than in their predecessors. That being said, some episodes in this second season may not be quite as humorous as their predecessors were, however it’s undeniable that many episodes this second run are less lighthearted overall.

There remain unanswered questions regarding Ted and Rebecca’s marriage. The club’s new owner, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), is a woman with an ulterior motive who wants to derail the team as revenge for her cheating husband’s actions.

She makes some decisions that could destroy both the team and Ted’s reputation. One such choice involves publishing a tabloid article about Ted’s panic attack – an irreparable blow to his image, yet his teammates and Rebecca stand by him regardless.

Though the episode is heartbreaking, it doesn’t destroy Ted’s ego or make him feel worthless. Instead, it demonstrates his resilience in the face of tragedy and how one can find hope even in unexpected places.

Will there be a season 3?

One year ago, Ted Lasso became one of the earliest shows to hit Apple TV+ with its blend of football and lighthearted humor. Unexpectedly, it has since been renewed for another season!

Fans have been asking whether there will be a season 3 of Ted Lasso on social media, and it’s difficult to say for certain. However, the cast and production team have shared some hints about what the upcoming season may hold.

Season 2, the cast was faced with significant transition, as Rebecca (Juno Temple) opened her own PR firm and Ted (Jason Sudeikis) was required to take over as head coach of West Ham United. These changes were met with much tension.

Rebecca and Nate (Nick Mohammed) remain at odds, but other relationships in the cast seem to be progressing. Keeley (Brett Goldstein) and Roy Kent (Anthony Head) have endured much together, and it appears they might be able to sustain their bond during Season 3.

Another thrilling development for fans is that many of the series’ beloved characters will return for a third season. This means many story lines from the first two seasons will be revisited, along with some brand-new ones.

Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt were first inspired by Ted Lasso back in the early 1990s as part of an improv comedy group called Boom Chicago. They created the show based on a character they played in several NBC Sports Premier League adverts.

Despite their lack of expertise in the sport, they managed to turn their idea into a show that has become an instant hit. Combining football with traditional themes of friendship and family, it has had a major impact on Apple TV+.

As the cast and crew begin their final days on the show, fans are eagerly awaiting news of whether or not there will be a season 3. According to reports from GQ, there have been numerous production delays and script changes for what is expected to be released in 2023.

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